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Roof Snow Removal Tool

This Snow Removal Tool with extendable telescoping handle offers excellent value for your store, from now on, make sure you are dealing with a more reliable and durable Snow Removal tool.

Roof Snow Removal Tools

This lightweight Roof rake Snow Removal Tool renders an adjustable telescoping handle that makes it terrific for Snow removal, it includes a light weight 20 ft adjustable telescoping handle making it enticing for light to medium size jobs. The Tool also includes a blue color that is popular for Snow removal, this Snow Removal Tool is exceptional for Snow Removal which is caused by heavy snowfall or when you want to get your work done quickly and easily. The Tool is manufactured with durable aluminum construction and lightweight, pp material that makes it basic to move, this Snow Removal Tool offers a five foot reach and is facile to handle with a lightweight weight that makes it uncomplicated to carry. This Snow Removal Tool extends a telescopic handle that makes it uncomplicated to operate and control, while the adjustable telescopic height and reach makes it top grade for a variety of applications, the pushable nob makes it basic to get to the Snow on top of the car and the long, thin blade makes it basic to cut. The aluminium Tool is a lightweight Snow Roof rake Removal Tool that can be used to level or level and raise the Roof deadlines in a hurry, the Tool extends an 4. 8 ft adjustability wheel that makes it effortless to get a top-of-the-line Tool for the task.