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Club Car Ds Extended Roof

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Used Golf Cart Roof

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you all know that I've bought a golf cart from you and I'm absolutely fascinated by it! It's a little over $100. 00 and it's going to be an addition to my collection. the whole process was easy and I'm really happy with the result. The golf cart is great for carrying my groceries or transporting people and things. I've never been so happy with a purchase. thank you for all your help with the development of this perfect solution.

Club Car Extended Roof

The club car extended roof is a great addition to your car. It can protect your roof from rain, snow, and other weather conditions. It also provides superior visibility in low light or darkness. The club car extended roof is non-toxic and easy toinstall. Simply remove the old roof and install the new roof. the golf cart roof is a large, all around package that includes the struts for back ventilation, a candy cane top, and universal extended top. The cart has an older club car ds logo and is equipped with rear roof struts that provide ventilation and provide monumental feel to a cart. The struts are easily adjustable and provide a shivai's touch to any ride. The cart also includes golf cart carts from other brands and types, so you can find the perfect one for you. the club car precedent roof kit is a great choice for those wanting to add a touch of luxury to their club car. This kit includes all the necessary components to create a luxurious looking roof, including a extended roof, aizoo structure, and two airus tiles. This kit is sure to give your club car a boost of luxury and is sure to be a hit with fans of the sport. the universal 80 roof kit for club car ds golf carts 1976-1999 is designed to improve the health and condition of your cart. It includes two parts that are designed to cover the roof and the part after the roof is completed, is designed to cover the tires. This kit is sure to improve the appearance and health of your cart.