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C5 Corvette Roof Rack

This us stock 2 pcs car luggage Rack suv crossbar Roof rail baggage carrier anti-theft is a sensational addition to your car, it is exquisite for keeping your luggage safe and easy. The Roof Rack as well basic to set up and is outstanding for a suv or car with a crossbar Roof rail, this Rack is puissant for carrying luggage or crossbar bags.

C5 Corvette Roof Rack Ebay

This C5 Corvette Roof Rack is top for all cars, suvs and station wagons that need a place to store their luggage, it is waterproof and can be with or without the rack, making it top-of-the-heap for any use. This C5 Corvette Roof Rack is an excellent substitute to keep your car organized and in storage, the Rack is fabricated of heavy-gauge plastic and is dr. Dre it features an 305 r design and is high-quality and robust, the Rack is able to hold the top panels of your C5 Corvette in either a nebulously designed location or better yet, let's just say, in a central location. The Rack is uncomplicated to install and is specifically designed for the C5 corvette, this is an universal black car mat that non-slip floor mat and trunk Rack pad are included. The mat is fabricated of durable plastic and is valuable for holding your car's information, it renders a comfortable fit and is straightforward to clean. The C5 Roof Rack is a best-in-class surrogate to organize and monitor your car while it's on the road, the combo of two led work lights and a fog lamp makes it a versatile accessory for suv's and cars. The Roof Rack is basic to order and can be attached to an or handlebar.