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1996 Jeep Cherokee Roof Rack

1979-1981 jeep cherokee roof rack is the perfect height for your 1984-2001 cherokee xj. It's expedition-specific and features a heavy-duty build, easy-to-use controls and easy-to-repair straps. The rack is also quick-release system so you can take it where you go, without having to carry its weight.

Roof Rack For 1996 Jeep Cherokee

If you're looking for a professional blog post about a roof rack for your 1996 jeep cherokee, we've got you covered! This rack is designed to keep your equipment safe and secure, and it's perfect for anyone looking to get intoikers or atvs. start your ride with a pre-made rack or buy one of these option articles if you don't have one in mind? check out our complete guide to roof racks!

96 Jeep Cherokee Roof Rack

This is a great roof rack for those with 1984-2001 jeep cherokees that have a eag cargo basket. The rack can be attached to the front of the cherokee by remove the old roof rack and run the new one through the process. The new roof rack is made of sturdy materials and is sure to provide plenty of support for the driver and passengers. this 1996 jeep cherokee roof rails are a great way to keep your car or truck looking old-school and modern at the same time! These rails are amodules for the fairing matte blk g26 and can be used to carry your roofing and fairing items with you to your car or truck. The rails are also travel-able and can be used as a storage case or carrier for your equipment. this product is a roof rack for the jeep cherokee. It is made of sturdy materials and fits the car perfectly. It can hold a wide range of volumes on your cherokee, and can easily accommodate a third of your car's weight. The roof rack is an essential part of an efficient driving experience, and we recommend you get one for your cherokee. this 1996 jeep cherokee roof rack is an excellent flat fit for your 84-01 jeep cherokee xj. It is made of assembling assembled steel and has two tubes for extra support and weight. The rack is also wide enough to fit most cars while still providing plenty of clearance for larger vehicles.